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Kelray Heating is owned by Kelvin Davis and Ray Maddix. Kelvin and Ray have been active in the infrared radiant heating market in New Zealand since the early 1990’s.

During recent times a surge in alfresco/outdoor dining and outdoor smoking areas has increased the demand for efficient, high quality electric infrared radiant heaters. To meet this demand, Kelray Heating has developed a new line of “Kelray” infrared radiant outdoor heaters and it is now successfully exporting them to Australia, the Pacific, and Europe. Kelray Heating also manufactures heaters under private labels for other heater distributors, both locally and in Australia and Europe.

Kelvin and Ray’s previous experience in the design and manufacture of outdoor heaters led them to seek design changes – in this developing market the time had arrived for a better heater!

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Kelray's New Generation of Outdoor Heaters

From importers and manufacturers to leading edge designers, Kelray Heating has made significant changes and improvements to traditional infrared radiant outdoor heaters.

Kelray’s “New Generation” series heaters are build using marine grade 316 stainless steel and are specifically designed for New Zealand and Australian conditions, particularly our salt-laden air. There are in fact, no fewer than 17 improvements – a stronger, more robust element, better element fixing, stainless steel screws, bolts and fixtures to eliminate rust, stronger points for pivoting heaters, more insulation. These are just some of the advances Kelray has made to create a higher quality product. If it doesn’t have Kelray’s manufacturer’s label on it, it is not made in New Zealand.


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