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Outdoor Heating for Restaurants, Bars & Businesses

The winter months can be hard on the hospitability and service businesses. With cooler temperatures, most patrons are unwilling to sit outside, meaning a bar or restaurants capacity is severely decreased for a good portion of the year.

Our range of overhead outdoor heaters are ideal for commercial use. All of our heaters utilise infrared heating technology, which acts similarly to the sun’s rays as heat is only being absorbed by solid objects an unaffected by wind.

Our Heaters are manufactured in NZ specifically for NZ conditions. We are the only manufacturer or supplier in NZ using 316 marine grade stainless steel, meaning our product is incredibly hardy, even in our coastal salt-laden air.

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Commercial electric heaters vs traditional gas heaters

In a commercial setting, many restaurants and bars have opted for a gas powered solution to heat their outdoor areas and beer gardens. While heat lamps have proven popular due to their manoeuvrability, LPG gas bottle heaters require a much greater amount for energy to power.

While such heaters will only heat ambient air, our range of commercial outdoor heaters use direct infrared rays to ensure that energy is not wasted; rather it is absorbed into your diner’s bodies, keeping them cosy and warm.

An investment in a commercial outdoor heating solution for your restaurants outdoor area or garden allows you to increase your bar or restaurants customer capacity. This will work to increase your custom in traditionally quite winter months.


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