Kelray Outdoor Infrared Radiant Heaters

NZ manufactured – NZ quality materials – NZ warranty.

As infrared radiant heaters become more popular we have seen many brands of infrared radiant heaters pop up all over the internet – many of dubious quality and technology.

Our heaters are manufactured to operate at a specific micron wave length on the electro magnetic scale that creates the optimum Infrared emitted energy. This specific wavelength energy does not heat the surrounding air but passes through the air and is absorbed by solid objects including humans.

The High Intensity Medium Wave length emitted energy (heat) will warm our bodies similar to the rays of the sun without damaging U.V rays. However, be aware that many imported heaters do produce levels of UV radiation that with prolonged exposure could damage the eyes (similar to welding arc flash).

These heaters are producing “short wave” energy and typically use a tungsten halogen elongated element/ bulb which produces a very bright light and is sometimes dimmed by a ruby coloured coating.

Kelray Outdoor Infrared Radiant Heaters are up to four times more cost effective than the typical LPG gas patio heater and has the following advantages:

  • Does not heat the surrounding air (the neighbour hood) like gas does
  • No bottle to change out- just flick a switch
  • No emissions- cleaner- greener
  • No open flame or hot parts to contact
  • Made of Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Infrared heat is a safe, clean, comfortable, energy efficient, and healthier way to heat your outdoor areas.


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What people are saying..

We purchased our first two outdoor heaters from Kelray Heating just over five years ago. They have performed without error since then.

Last month on expanding our outdoor seating area we needed an additional heater, and a third Kelray unit seemed the obvious choice. Five years on they were just as easy to deal with, had record of our previous purchase, and had our third unit to us that week.

I would recommend Kelray to anyone looking for a solid, reliable heating system.

Dan Gillett Managing Director Scotch Bar, Blenheim

Dan Gillett, Scotch Bar, Blenheim
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