NZ Made For Southland Conditions

Overseas built heaters don't have NZ conditions in Mind. Our heaters are built for the salt-heavy air of Invercargill.

Built for Invercargill Conditions

Constructed with marine grade 316 steel. Kelray heaters are built tough for harsh Invercargill conditions. Backed up by NZ's longest warranty.

More Efficient & Cheaper than Gas Heaters

Infrared heating is the most energy efficient form of outdoor heating. Minimal energy wastage and much greener than gas!

Invercargill Outdoor Heaters - Made in NZ

Kelray Heating manufacture quality, outdoor heaters right here in New Zealand. Kelray regularly ship their outdoor heaters to Southland home and business owners. Kelray Heating first developed their range of outdoor heaters after recognising the need for a better quality outdoor heater. One that was built specifically for NZ unique coastal conditions. 

Much of the overseas built heaters are prone to discoloration and corrosion in our salt-laden air and can wind up unusable in a relatively short timeframe. Kelray set out to produce an outdoor heater that could withstand atmospheric conditions in places like Invercargill and other towns and cities accross New Zealand. Kelray produced the only outdoor heater made with 316 marine grade stainless steel.

Kelray Heaters are ideal for any Invercargill home or business owner looking to enhance the comfort of their outdoor space.

Custom Options Available

Have a certain colour in mind? Have special mounting requirements? Because we manufacture locally we can build to order.

Built for Coastal Conditions

Where other outdoor heaters have a short product life - with fittings & components quickly rusting out, Kelray's heaters are built to withstand harsh conditions.

Cost & Energy Efficient

Infrared heating is 75% cheaper to run when compared to gas outdoor heaters and with none of the CO2 emissions which has seen gas heaters banned overseas.

Near Instant Heating Speed

With a Kelray outdoor heater, there's no waiting around to warm up! Our heaters reach full temperature in under one minute.


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It can be tricky to know what kind of outdoor heating solution you require for your Southland home or business. The Kelray team are happy to answer any questions and guide you in the right direction. Don't hesitate to get in touch today!

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