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NZ Made Outdoor Heaters

Kelray's range of outdoor heaters offer a sleek, stylish heating solution backed by quality NZ workmanship, the highest quality materials and longest warantee on the market. While other overseas manufactured outdoor heaters struggle to withstand NZ's heavily salt-laden air, Kelray's heaters are built specifically for NZ conditions.

Custom Colour Options

A feature unique to Kelray outdoor heaters, our product range can be custom coloured to order. While other outdoor heaters available in the NZ market are only offered in black and aluminium and in a lower grade of stainless steel, Kelray Heaters are available in any colour all with marine grade 316 stainless steel!

This is ideal for home and business owners looking to match a particular colour scheme. While our most popular colour is our power-coated white option, we can easily colour order to fit your design needs.

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Custom Options Available

Have a certain colour in mind? Have special mounting requirements? Because we manufacture locally we can build to order.

Built for Coastal Conditions

Where other outdoor heaters have a short product life - with fittings & components quickly rusting out, Kelray's heaters are built to withstand harsh conditions.

Cost & Energy Efficient

Infrared heating is 75% cheaper to run when compared to gas outdoor heaters and with none of the CO2 immesions which have seen gas heaters banned overseas.

Near Instant Heating Speed

With a Kelray outdoor heater, there's no waiting around to warm up! Our heaters reach full temprature in under one minute.


Experience Kelray Quality

Kelray Heating is owned by Kelvin Davis and Ray Maddix. Kelvin and Ray have been active in the infrared radiant heating market in New Zealand since the early 1990’s.

During recent times a surge in alfresco/outdoor dining and outdoor smoking areas has increased the demand for efficient, high quality electric infrared radiant heaters. To meet this demand, Kelray Heating has developed a new line of “Kelray” infrared radiant outdoor heaters and it is now successfully exporting them to Australia, the Pacific, and Europe. 

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