I – Heaters

Model Length Watts Amps
I-20   99cm 2000 8.3
IP-24 (Plugin Heater)
  99cm 2500 10
I-25 99cm 2500 10.4
I-30   156cm 3000 12.5
ID-40 99cm 4000 16.7
I-40 156cm 4000 16.7
ID-60   156cm 6000 25
ID-80   156cm 8000 33.4



  • Low initial cost and maintenance free- no moving parts, no gas bottles to change- just flick a switch
  • No open flame or hot parts to contacted against- clean, green with no emissions into the atmosphere like gas-very much safer
  • Energy efficient with low operating costs- approximately 25% of the cost of gas to operate
  • Approximately 70 cents per hour to operate a 3000 watt heater- based on current energy prices of 22-25 cents per hour/Kw.
  • 316 marine grade stainless steel, great for coastal areas- all fittings, screws, bolts etc are also 316 stainless steel( many imported heaters still use mild steel nickel plated screws and other fitments that rust very quickly.
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use. Often used at factory workstations, dispatch areas, restaurants, bars and outside alfresco dining. Unlike gas patio heaters Kelray Heaters are safe to use for indoor use and enclosed awnings.
  • One Kelray heater will heat a 4 x 4m area. Heated area dependant on placement of heater ie height and power output of heater., generally mounting closer to the ground the smaller the spread.
  • Quartz elements provide instant heat which will reach full temperature in approximately 1 minute. Heaters can be fitted with heat controllers, on/ off switching using motion sensors, timers. Ideal for public smoking area’s- many times more effective than gas patio heaters.
  • Kelray models range from 2Kw ( 1 metre length) through to double element 8 Kw ( 1560mm length)
  • Manufactured in New Zealand- sold through out the world.
  • NZ quality- NZ warranty and service.

What people are saying..

I was impressed with the quality of the heater and the thought that has gone into making it simple for installation. This is most helpful to electrical contractors. It was great that you included spanners to use for tightening up the element. As an Electrical contractor it is frequently frustrating when you receive goods that are not easy to assemble and often require extra thought and work to install. This heater was so simple and I would recommend it to anyone. It looks great – the quality is obvious. We look forward to many years of use.

Brent Tulloch Tulloch Electrical Limited, Wellington

Brent Tulloch, Tulloch Electrical Limited, Wellington
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