10 October 2014

Outdoor / Indoor Heating for Animals

Outdoor Heating for Animals

Kelray Outdoor Heating is able to provide Outdoor Heating for Animals as well as our other applications. We had the opportunity to provide heating for Mila the Elephant. Here is what Erin (Elephant Project Manager) had to say on our performance:

Last week I called Kelvin at Kelray Outdoor Heaters with a desperate plea” could he provide warmth to our ailing African Elephant , Mila”?  The Auckland night time temperatures were dropping down to 3 degree’s Celsius and Elephants can become cold and distressed when temperatures drop below 9 degree’s Celsius.  Our electrician had installed two imported outdoor heaters and they were totally inadequate and not suited for the job, in fact if you were more than two meters from the front of these heaters there was no heat felt at all.  After a discussion on the telephone with Kelvin and a look at some photos I emailed to him he was within two hours visiting the elephant enclosure to see for himself the unusual challenge that Kelray Heating had excepted.

I was not expecting the early morning call the following morning to say the heaters were ready and to arrange for the Zoo’s electrician to meet Kelvin and his partner Ray on site to install the heaters( I now know that they both worked into the evening to design and manufacture the two heaters, what a commitment) . That night the Zoo staff anxiously awaited the reaction from Mila , she immediately sensed the heat and raised her trunk towards the two heaters suspended above her pen. After a few minutes enjoying the heat she went to her outside enclosure and started to carry banana tree branches and foliage back into her night enclosure, ready for a night time snack. ( She had never done this before during winters cold nights).

We anxiously wondered what would meet us when we returned to  Mila at 6 am the next morning? Would it be the same , a distressed , shivering and shaking Mila?    You can imagine our excitement that when we arrived she was standing beneath the heaters, front feet crossed and her trunk resting on the floor, she was still asleep! We sat and waited and waited and it was not until 7-15am that she finally opened her eyes. Unbelievable, and a very happy elephant.

We and Mila thank your company very much, your service was exceptional and the heaters are amazing and work just like you said they would. Please come visit us soon so Mila can thank you personally.

Erin Ivory
Elephant Project Manager

Outdoor Heating for Animals

Outdoor Heating for Animals

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