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If you spend much time on the patio, your family and your guests will certainly want to feel at ease even when the weather is not very good. But there are areas in the patio, where the temperature is much lower than in others.

The solution is installing an Kelray infrared radiant patio heater to ensure that certain areas can be heated to a temperature suitable for the whole family. Infrared radiant heaters are the best option in this situation because they provide a comfortable atmosphere.

An infrared radiant heater is a heating surface which emits radiant heat (infrared) wave energy to surfaces below. Energy is converted into heat which is then absorbed  by people, furniture or other objects whilst passing through the air without heating the air. The essential principle of infrared heating system can be compared with the heat of the sun, the sun heats the earth and the earth warms the air. Thus, the sun does not heat the air. So this principle is a convenient and efficient way to heat building spaces.

What people are saying..

I was impressed with the quality of the heater and the thought that has gone into making it simple for installation. This is most helpful to electrical contractors. It was great that you included spanners to use for tightening up the element. As an Electrical contractor it is frequently frustrating when you receive goods that are not easy to assemble and often require extra thought and work to install. This heater was so simple and I would recommend it to anyone. It looks great – the quality is obvious. We look forward to many years of use.

Brent Tulloch Tulloch Electrical Limited, Wellington

Brent Tulloch, Tulloch Electrical Limited, Wellington
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There are a wide range of benefits from the use of infrared radiant heaters. Infrared energy heats up quickly and efficiently. Although these heaters are typically installed near the ceiling, the energy does not convert into heat until it hits the floor and objects at ground level.

In addition to the heat directly absorbed by people, secondary heat is given off by other solid objects which have absorbed the radiated infrared heat. By using Kelray electric outdoor heaters you maintain a better use of energy by not heating the air and having it blown away like a typical gas patio heater. Why waste energy trying to heat the neighbourhood?

The energy savings can be up to 3-4 times the operating costs of LPG gas heaters.

We offer  various products for your outdoor heating requirements. Choose a Kelray Infrared Radiant Outdoor Heater and create a comfortable atmosphere so you can enjoy the outdoors like you’ve always dreamed!


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