Why Infrared Radiant Outdoor Heaters?

Why buy an infrared radiant heater?

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An infrared radiant heater uses heat very similar to our sun. The silent technology will not disturb your environment and it is efficient and cost effective way of heating your outdoor space. Infrared technology does not use as much energy as LPG gas bottle heaters and you will get more heating from an infrared heater than you would from traditional heating options.

Infrared heat also does not create a stuffy feeling as most heaters do because the air is not being pushed around the area. The heat is distributed evenly. Infrared rays are not visible light. They are just under the colour red in the visible light spectrum. The heat that we feel on the earth is the infrared rays from the sun.

How are infrared radiant heaters different from other heaters?

Most heaters will heat ambient air usually by convection; which heats the air and circulates the warm air out into the outdoor space you’re heating. An infrared radiant heater transfers most of the heat through direct infrared radiation. You save money by immediately heating not the whole area but just you.

The infrared heat will penetrate the skin and warm you from beneath your skin and then radiates outward. Not only will the heater warm you, but then the infrared radiant heater will warm anyone near you because a portion of the heat will reflect off your skin.

What people are saying..

We wanted outdoor heaters for our new covered deck area. On investigation we weren’t totally clear on our best options for an outdoor heaters were? On approaching Kelvin, he didn’t try and sell us anything until he fully understood our situation and how we were to use the heaters. From photos we sent and phone conversations he came back with his recommendations as to the best type heaters to use, size of heater best to heat required and where we should mount them. Just what we needed to know. The heaters are installed and work well and heat the areas we wanted heated exactly as predicted. Totally recommend Kelvin’s service and his product.

Murray, Christchurch
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How large of an area can an infrared radiant heater heat?

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Kelray heaters can heat up to 16 square meters in a small amount of time. The heat is easily directed to the space you would like it in a very precise beam.

As you are not heating all the air in the entire area electric infrared radiant heaters will heat the objects in the path of the beam then those object will reflect the heat right away, using less energy to heat up your outdoor space much faster. Infrared radiant heaters work great for instant heat on those chilly mornings or cold nights.




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