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Keeping Rotorua Warm – even on minus one degree nights!

Rotorua’s Te Puia event centre caters for events frequented by people from all around the world. One of Te Puia’s venues – Te Whakaruruhau is an outdoor venue, catering to up to 300 diners or 800 standing guests. Te Whakaruruhau does not have any walls, posing an obvious challenge when temperatures fall below zero.

Te Puia approached us to install a number of infrared heaters around the venue to ensure diners could have a confortable experience. Our range of heaters utilise infrared rays which are only absorbed upon contact with a solid object, meaning even in a breeze, patrons can stay cosy.

Working With AJ Hackett Bungy to Ensure Jumpers’ Stay Warm

Kelray Heating recently worked with AJ Hackett bungy to ensure thrill seekers jumping from Auckland’s harbour bridge stayed cosy while waiting to jump. The project was very unique and is an excellent showcase of the versatility of our heaters. The curved structure of the facility coupled with the harsh, salt-laden air meant that most heaters on the market would not stand up to the conditions or would be extremely costly to custom install.

Because we build our heaters using marine grade 316 steel, and we manufacturer here in NZ, we were able to custom install our product using specially engineered brackets fixed to the curved surface. It was our ability to assess our clients’ needs onsite and create a cost effective solution which ultimately won the team at AJ Hackett Bungy over.

Providing Mercure Guest a Comfortable Dining Experience

As part of the refurbishment of the Mercure Hotel on Auckland’s Custom Street, we installed a number of our outdoor infrared heaters. Installing our heaters in both the outdoor pub area as well as the internal bar, our heaters were selected by Mercure due to their product flexibility and the fact that our products are NZ made.

Unlike many other outdoor heaters on the market that come standard in black and occasionally white, we are able to offer any colour our client requires, allowing them to match their décor. This was the case with Mercure and we were able to produce our heaters for them in a pearl colour.

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